About Us


Elements Haywards Heath opened its doors in December 2023 with a committed group of students and has training classes several times a week. The head coach of Elements HH, Kim Greaves, has been training and teaching for over 15 years. You can also find Kim coaching classes at the Elements HQ in Brighton.


The club is in the heart of Haywards Heath and is easily accessible by train and car. There is also ample parking nearby.


Established in 2012, Elements Martial Arts has grown to become one of the foremost Martial arts academies in Sussex. Not only nurturing international competition success at every level but also focussing on helping every person who walks through the doors and wants to learn to achieve and exceed their goals.


The main enquiries we get are by people who are curious about training for a variety of reasons. We see this curiosity grow into a passion. As our new students get more engaged in training, something even more remarkable happens. They become sharper because they’re inspired. They get in the best shape of their lives, not through monotonous workouts, but by doing something they love. They become even better versions of themselves. This is really rewarding to watch because it happened to everyone who has stepped into the academy and stuck with it before you, and sharing that is the reason we have Elements Martial Arts.

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